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Manage Retros. Track your work. Improve your Efficiency.

Lightpaper is a digital space where you can track your work, and collaborate.

Start turning your ideas into real actions with Lightpaper.

Lightpaper is a digital space to work with your team inside and outside meetings. You can start for free, and create a board that anyone can join. Drive meetings with Lightpaper, or let your team add thoughts in their free time.

Try it out today Free for 1 month, cancel anytime

Helping you make the most out of your time together

Work with others and view changes live

With lightpaper you can add your notes and tasks to a board along with your team, and see what everyone is doing in real time.

Import images straight to your board with AI

Have you ever worked together with your team on paper or with sticky notes, and wanted to create a digital copy? With Lightpaper it's easy to import any image of notes straight onto your board. With advanced AI, we can take photos, identify notes, and translate text to digital with a single upload.

Unlimited Boards to organize your work

Work with your team, create actions, track work

Lightpaper's unique workflow means you can start brainstorming with notes, upgrade those to tasks which then can be assigned to anyone on your board. That means nothing ever gets lost, and your team can go to one place to track all their ongoing tasks.

Tracking tasks made easy.

Lightpaper lets your whole team work together and identify what they want to do. Everyones thoughts can be taken into consideration. After that, you can change any of your notes into tasks and assign them to a team member, to make all your work actionable.

Drag and drop items on top of each other.
Track work type and work status.
Add descriptions and acceptance criteria.
Set email reminders for any tasks.
Assign tasks directly to others on your board.

Grouping work with custom workflows

With lightpaper, you can group similar notes and tasks together, to track when you've finished a big piece of work. You can link these groups together to create custom workflows, allowing you to push your work to the next column.

Ready to dive in?

Lightpaper is free to use for 1 month, and can be cancelled any time, and only $7.99 per month after!

Individual Plan
$7.99 / mo
  • 1 month free trial
  • Share boards with 5 unregistered users for free
  • Realtime board editing with team
  • AI Import pictures of notes to board
  • Notes, messages, and drawing
  • Task Reminders, Status tracking, and Dashboard
  • + Tons More
Corporate Varies

Small or large team? Get all the same features and access for everyone with your company email address.