So you've been running your retros for a while now, but how do you keep it fresh? One way is to use a different format.

Lightpaper supports the ability to make your own columns and create your own custom retrospectives, and below we'll outline some of the top types that we love. Want to learn how to run your retros better? Check out our article on that here.

The Sailboat/Racecar

This can be conceptualised with two columns - 'Drag' and 'Acceleration', or 'Anchor' and 'Drive'. 'Drag' and 'Anchor' are things that are holding you back, whereas 'Acceleration' and 'Drive' are things that are making you go faster and working. This two column format of retrospective is great for figuring out what is slowing us down. Using this method, it's possible to figure things out like why someone in your team can help you figure out why it's taken them two days to do a 1 hour task.

The 4 L's

Liked, Loved, Longed for, Lacked is a pretty classic form of retrospective. The words are pretty self explanatory, but 4 columns gives you a bit more precision with what people will give you as feedback. It also helps you figure out what actions to focus on. Actions in longed for may be perceived as more critical to improving your team than lacked, and liked may help you get some actions which are minor improvements that could be switched into the love category.

Lightpaper comes with this template as a default, so you can create this and track actions easily, as all boards are saved and kept alive so your whole team can go back and review it

Stop, Start, Continue

Stop, start, continue is the retro you're probably most used to, as it is the most common. It's a good way to order your ideas, and stop is a pretty strong word. Make sure you focus on the words of the columns as you run your retros, since if the whole team knows that these are things we're stopping, it's easy to ensure that happens and there is no confusion.

Mad, Sad, Glad

This one is pretty similar to stop, start, continue, but with slightly different connotations. I would try switching between this and stop, start, continue to see which one works better for your team. Some teams may respond better to the emotive words of mad, sad, glad as opposed to stop, start and continue.


Keep, less, more, add - again, this is a similar retro to the 4 L's, but with slightly different emphasis through the words.

Switch them out every week

The best way to keep your teams engaged is to keep trying new things. Lightpaper gives you full flexibility to run your retros how you want. Want to try it out? Click below to sign up for free and start running great retrospectives

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