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Turn a note into a real action.

Ever make a note that you forget to follow up on? Lightpaper's unique workflow means you can turn those notes into real actions, which you can assign to anyone on your team. Then it's easy to track all your tasks from the tasks dasboard, where you can see how much you have left to do.

Categorise your work the right way.

Grouping your work together is a major way in which the brain thinks about how to accomplish a task. Lightpaper's groups let move items around and group them into different sets of work which make sense. This gives you the freedom to start thinking about your work as related tasks, which you can then track progress on.

Go with the flow.

Take it to the next level by linking up your groups, and push work with the click of a button to its next column. Set up your own unique workflows to track work the way that you want to.

Ready to dive in?

Lightpaper is free to use for 1 month, and can be cancelled any time, and only $7.99 per month after!

Individual Plan
$7.99 / mo
  • 1 month free trial
  • Share boards with 5 unregistered users for free
  • Realtime board editing with team
  • AI Import pictures of notes to board
  • Notes, messages, and drawing
  • Task Reminders, Status tracking, and Dashboard
  • + Tons More
Corporate Varies

Small or large team? Get all the same features and access for everyone with your company email address.