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Virtual workshops made easy.

How many meetings have you had where you come out with no idea what was accomplished, and no actions to boot? Cut to the chase with Lightpaper - take notes, and turn them into tasks, and assign them so you know who is doing what. No more unaccomplished meetings.

Timed votes so you can decide on the most important notes from your meetings.
Like buttons to keep track of what your team think is most important.
Order your groups by likes to see the most liked items.
Live editing lets you see what everyone is doing in the moment.

From Real Life to Digital.

Say goodbye to the days of writing up sticky notes after a real life meeting. Use our built in AI to translate the text and image of a sticky note to digital copies.

Make your vote count.

Run a vote whenever you like. With timed votes, you not only get to see what people think is the most important item on the board, but we'll save a copy of the results for you to look back on at any time.

Keep Work Straightforward

Cut out the fuss and start having meetings that drive to real outcomes. Use Lightpaper to make sure you never miss an action, and keep on top of everything your team has to do.

Ready to dive in?

Lightpaper is free to use for 1 month, and can be cancelled any time, and only $7.99 per month after!

Individual Plan
$7.99 / mo
  • 1 month free trial
  • Share boards with 5 unregistered users for free
  • Realtime board editing with team
  • AI Import pictures of notes to board
  • Notes, messages, and drawing
  • Task Reminders, Status tracking, and Dashboard
  • + Tons More
Corporate Varies

Small or large team? Get all the same features and access for everyone with your company email address.